We are mental health and wellness providers committed to guiding our clients on transformative journeys of self-discovery and fulfillment.

Our services include counseling, psychoeducation, and consultation, all aimed at facilitating clients in navigating breakthroughs and finding resolution with their trauma, emotional, and relationship challenges.

Our mission is to empower clients to emerge from their struggles with newfound strength, ease, self-mastery, and a profound appreciation for their possibilities.

The Founder

Hello! I am Dr. Joyce Yung, a licensed clinical psychologist, integrative practitioner, social justice advocate, and founder of Aweness Psychology PC, a psychological practice that provides holistic and culturally-sensitive mental health services, training, and consultation. I earned my doctorate and masters degrees from Columbia University in New York City, where I was honored a scholarship and conducted research on the intersections of multicultural identity, mental illness, recovery, and social justice advocacy. I offer therapeutic services and training that support my clients’ ability to develop full self-expression and self-mastery through skills, knowledge, and deep experiential processing. I help my clients heal from trauma, longstanding dysfunction, and harmful relationship styles in order to reclaim their power and shine their full potential. I also facilitate conversations and processes in agencies and institutions to dismantle oppressive conditions, mobilize talent, improve processes and outcomes to positively impact the lives of employees, consumers, and community stakeholders…. Read More

Services We Offer

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